02 | 06 | 2016
"CHING® is the sense of your achievement.. the resonance of your success. It is the moment of echo when triumph is realized & amplified in a fleeting bid to satisfy your passion."
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strategy-sport-target-available The Patent Pending CHING® Strategy™ Sport Target is now available.. >>read more<<  
usa-manufacturingLocal manufacturing gives us more opportunity to create smaller runs and explore new plastics. We moved the Legacy mold to the USA from China late last...
ching-soccerCHING® Introduces Promãgio™ Competition Class Futbol! We spent over 3 years in testing and development to produce a ball that won't wear out before the...
jam-3-disc-setThe CHING® JAM!!™ 3-Disc Set is available for USA distribution. Features an integrated set of our D.R.A.F.T.™ golf discs in the versatile '9-point'...
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